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Your guide to simplified whitening: welcome to the Whitening Shop

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In a market flooded with whitening products, the quest for the best products to give your patients brighter smiles can often feel like navigating a never-ending maze of options. With countless brands and promises vying for attention, it's natural to wonder: which products can really be trusted?

At our Whitening Shop, we understand the frustration and confusion that comes with this over-abundance of choice. That's why we've curated a carefully selected range of whitening solutions to help you choose the best possible products for your unique patient-base.

31-1Gone are the days of sifting through marketing jargon to discern the effectiveness of whitening products. We've cut through the noise to present you with a collection of trusted brands and solutions that have proven their worth time and time again. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confidence in your whitening offerings.

We recognise that when it comes to whitening, one size doesn't fit all. Every individual has unique schedules, budgets, and whitening goals. Whether you have patients seeking a quick smile pick-me-up or a comprehensive whitening treatment, our Whitening Shop has you covered. With just two ranges – Opalescence and White Dental Beauty – we offer a spectrum of options to suit diverse needs.


For 25 years, Opalescence has stood at the forefront of tooth whitening, earning the trust of millions worldwide. Their range offers versatile solutions to suit any lifestyle, from convenient take-home systems to advanced in-office treatments.

  • 33Opalescence Go provides professional whitening results with pre-filled trays that require no impressions or lab time, ensuring both comfort and convenience. Meanwhile,
  • Opalescence PF offers a customised experience with easy syringe delivery, allowing for flexible treatment tailored to each patient.
  • Opalescence Office makes advanced in-office treatment simple, delivering effective whitening powered by a 6% hydrogen peroxide formula.

Opalescence's commitment to innovation and reliability makes it an excellent choice for those seeking professional-grade whitening solutions.

White Dental Beauty

30White Dental Beauty specialises in high-quality teeth whitening solutions trusted by dental professionals worldwide. With advanced NOVON® technology, White Dental Beauty delivers superior results in less time, ensuring efficient treatments that fit into busy lifestyles. The range includes whitening strips that dissolve in just 15 minutes, perfect for refreshing smiles on the go.

With a focus on sensitivity management, White Dental Beauty's formulas minimise discomfort without compromising on results. Additionally, their globally accredited gels, exclusively developed by dental industry experts, ensure consistent, reliable outcomes backed by extensive research and case studies.

With White Dental Beauty you are choosing a trusted solution that prioritises both effectiveness and patient comfort.

Backed by Henry Schein: brands you can trust

Opalescence and White Dental Beauty aren't just names; they're symbols of quality and efficacy. These trusted brands offer a variety of whitening solutions, including in-practice treatments, take-home kits, and on-the-go whitening options. Whether your patients prefer the convenience of at-home whitening or the expertise of in-office treatments, our Whitening Shop has the perfect solution for you, without the confusion of the crowded marketplace.

34At Henry Schein, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence. Staying true to this, every product in our Whitening Shop is backed by research and case-studies testing the quality and reliability. With the backing of Henry Schein, you can trust that you're not just purchasing whitening solutions; you're investing in the assurance of real, tangible results for your patients.

So why waste time and energy sifting through countless whitening products when the answer is right here at your fingertips? Step into our Whitening Shop and experience the simplicity and effectiveness of our curated selection.

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