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Simplify, strengthen, perform: cementation with G-CEM ONE

gc cem one

In restorative dentistry, cementation procedures are pivotal moments where precision, efficiency, and reliability converge. As a dental practitioner, you know that achieving excellent bonding between restorations and tooth structure is vital to patient satisfaction and success. Yet, amidst the nuances of traditional cementation techniques, there's a desire for simplicity—a need to streamline workflows without compromising on quality.

Enter G-CEM ONE: a universal, self-adhesive cement with high bond strength, dual-curing, and less technique sensitivity. Designed with the modern practitioner in mind, G-CEM ONE is effective with minimal isolation and fewer steps, for maximised efficiency.

Streamlining cementation

In the fast-paced environment of modern dentistry, efficiency is paramount. This is where G-CEM ONE excels, offering a streamlined approach to cementation that redefines the standard.

G-CEM ONE’s formulation eliminates the guesswork, providing optimal strength and stability without the need for elaborate bonding procedures. G-CEM ONE also delivers a dual-curing ability, reducing chair time as practitioners can achieve reliable bonding and predictable results, even in the most demanding clinical scenarios.

Enhancing clinical confidence

013663 & 013685 - G-CEM ONE System Kit - content onlyAt the heart of G-CEM ONE lies the AEP Adhesive Enhancing Primer. This optional primer enhances bond strength and stability, particularly in challenging clinical situations where traditional cements may fall short. With the unique GC Touch Cure feature, practitioners can accelerate the chemical cure of the cement, ensuring strong bonding to abutment tooth and cavity surfaces without the need for light curing.

G-CEM ONE’s reliable bond strength and stability enable restorations to withstand the rigours of everyday function and maintain their integrity over time. Whether it's a simple restoration or a complex case, practitioners can trust in the consistency and predictability of G-CEM ONE.

Versatility and aesthetic excellence

Untitled design (32)-1In restorative dentistry, versatility is key. You need materials that can adapt to the diverse needs of your patients. In cementation, this includes being able to bond to a variety of substrates and achieving aesthetic outcomes, whatever the patient’s unique dental makeup.

G-CEM ONE offers excellent bond strength to a wide range of substrates, including enamel, dentine, zirconia, metal, and various ceramics. This high compatibility makes it suitable for virtually any clinical scenario, allowing practitioners to tackle even the most challenging cases with confidence, delivering consistent performance, ensuring reliable results every time.

G-CEM ONE also delivers aesthetic results, with invisible, wear-resistant margins that contribute to superior aesthetic outcomes. The low film thickness of G-CEM ONE ensures a seamless blend with natural tooth structure, while its high wear resistance ensures long-lasting results that stand the test of time. With a simplified shade range and optimised flow, G-CEM ONE makes achieving aesthetic perfection easier than ever before.

Provide comprehensive care: get back to your roots

At the core of modern dentistry lies prevention. While G-CEM ONE simplifies cementation procedures and ensures reliable outcomes, with GC’s ‘Back To Your Roots’ products you can take a proactive stance with the tools you need for preventive measures and minimally invasive treatments for patients.

By embracing the principles of preventive dentistry, practitioners can catch dental issues early, long before they necessitate complex restorative procedures. GC's range of preventive products, from Fuji TRIAGE for erosion management to EQUIA forte HT for superior caries protection, enable you to address early signs of decay and enamel demineralisation, effectively halting the progression of dental disease.

Furthermore, with GC TriPlaque ID Gel enhancing patient education and promoting optimal oral hygiene practices, dental professionals can empower their patients to take an active role in maintaining their oral health.

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