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Patient-centred dentistry: prevention and restoration for individual needs

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In restorative dentistry, one size doesn’t fit all. Offering comprehensive solutions tailored to individual patient needs is paramount. Even if a common procedure is called for, differences in the patient can require different solutions. How far your patient can cooperate has an effect on what your priorities as a dentist will be.

In this blog we take a look at the preventive care, long-term restorations, and versatile restorative options, to find solutions to similar problems for different patients. Read on to explore how GC’s Tooth Mousse, EQUIA Forte HT, and Fuji II LC can help you elevate patient outcomes and streamline your practice operations.

Preventive care with tooth mousse

The first port of call for any dentist is preventative care. After all, the best restorative treatment is the one you never have to give. Tooth Mousse from GC can help you achieve this goal. Developed with a deep understanding of dental science, Tooth Mousse offers a proactive approach to maintaining oral health and addressing early signs of decay.Tooth Mousse box + tube,Strawberry

At the heart of GC’s Tooth Mousse lies Recaldent™, a complex derived from casein protein. This formulation delivers bio-available calcium and phosphate ions in the form of Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP), essential for remineralising enamel and inhibiting demineralisation.

Ideal for patients with low to medium caries risk, Tooth Mousse serves as a natural defence against dental caries, hypersensitivity, and enamel demineralisation. Whether it's preventing white spot lesions or supporting patients post-procedure, Tooth Mousse delivers targeted care with precision and effectiveness.

A great solution for a wide range of patients, avoid preventable restorative procedures with Tooth Mousse.

Long-term durability with EQUIA Forte HT

When it comes to long-lasting restorations in cases where there are active lesions EQUIA Forte HT excels. Designed to provide durable and reliable performance, EQUIA Forte HT is a great choice for when long-term restorations are the priority.press3

Built upon the foundation of glass hybrid technology, EQUIA Forte HT boasts a strong chemical bond and outstanding wettability, ensuring superior adhesion and longevity. Its ion exchange capacity facilitates remineralisation, further fortifying the restoration and enhancing its durability.

Moisture tolerant and easy to contour, EQUIA Forte HT eliminates the need for conditioning, bonding, or cumbersome rubber dams, streamlining the restoration process without compromising bond strength.

What sets EQUIA Forte HT apart is its proven track record of reliability, backed by 12 years of clinical experience.

Convenience and versatility with Fuji II LC

Reduced patient cooperation can be a problem when restorative procedures are required. This is where Fuji II LC excels as a light-cured resin-modified glass ionomer where controlled speed and ease-of-use are priorities.

db-cf9dd91f-a158-48dd-9c79-de70427ea2d4 (1)Fuji II LC combines the benefits of a light-cured resin-modified glass ionomer with unparalleled convenience, making it an ideal choice for practitioners seeking efficient solutions without compromising on quality.

With its simple and time-saving technique, Fuji II LC’s dual curing capability and immediate finishing allow for seamless integration into your practice workflow, minimising chair time – perfect for patient’s unable to or struggling to cooperate.

Beyond ease and speed, Fuji II LC's self-adhesive nature and hydrophilic properties make it suitable for a wide range of restorative applications. From Class III and V cavities to deciduous teeth, Fuji II LC can deliver outstanding results. Moreover, Fuji II LC's higher filler loading and good radiopacity ensure durable restorations that withstand the rigors of daily function. Whether it's eliminating sensitivity, preventing marginal leakage, or providing protection in high-risk patients, Fuji II LC rises to the occasion with reliability.

Integrated approach to dental care

Untitled design (33)-1In modern dentistry, success often lies in adopting an integrated approach to patient care. By integrating preventive and restorative solutions that suit a large range of patients, dental professionals can achieve successful outcomes more often.

At the core of this integrated approach are three innovative products: Tooth Mousse, EQUIA Forte HT, and Fuji II LC. Each product plays a unique role in addressing different aspects of dental care, yet together they form a cohesive framework that empowers practitioners to deliver comprehensive solutions to their patients.

Together, Tooth Mousse, EQUIA Forte HT, and Fuji II LC form a synergistic alliance that addresses the diverse needs of dental patients with precision and efficiency.

Get back to your roots

Discover more products from GC that take a proactive stance for preventive measures and minimally invasive treatments for patients with the Back To Your Roots range. Effectively identify, prevent, and restore the oral health of your patients, whatever their unique needs with the range from GC.

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