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Flexibility and strength: tackle endodontics with confidence


At Henry Schein, we understand the importance of having the right tools for every endodontic procedure. With EdgeEndo's renowned Original Legacy range, prioritising excellent flexibility, and the new Utopia range, focusing on higher cutting strength and efficiency, endodontists can use the right tool for the unique needs of each patient.

EdgeEndo has retained the familiar file sequences from the Legacy range in the new Utopia range, this time emphasising strength and cutting efficiency over flexibility. With the addition of this range, clinical preference takes precedence, offering dentists versatility in their practice.

Furthermore, the EdgeEndo team, composed of product specialists, provides valuable clinical data to aid in selecting the perfect file for each specific job, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

Tackling calcified canals with Utopia

The increased strength and cutting efficiency of the Utopia range, combined with files available in various sizes and tapers, will allow endodontists to confidently tackle calcified canals, addressing challenging cases with precision.

FireWire and FireWire Blaze

EdgeEndo Legacy files are crafted with Fire-Wire, a heat-treated NiTi alloy that has enhanced file metallurgy. This innovation grants greater flexibility, enabling files to navigate even the most complex canal anatomies with controlled memory, minimising the risk of ledging.

FireWire Blaze represents a significant advancement, offering optimal resistance to cyclic fatigue while maintaining a sharp cutting edge and flawless blade surface.

EdgeTaper Blaze Utopia

EdgeTaper Blaze Utopia is a resilient and efficient addition to the Utopia range and should be familiar to users of the Edgetaper Platinum. This pre-sterilised file, featuring FireWire Blaze technology, boasts improved cutting efficiency, resilience to unwinding, and an ULTRA-FIT Secure Shank that allows for real-time apex locator readings.

With its robust design and precise calibration markings, EdgeTaper Blaze Utopia ensures reliable results in root canal procedures.26-1

Product highlights:

  • Available Sizes: SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3
  • Available Lengths: 21mm, 25mm, 31mm
  • Triangle-shaped cross-section for improved cutting efficiency
  • Non-cutting tip for precise navigation in canal anatomy
  • Gold colour coating finish for easy identification

Edge X7 Utopia

The new EdgeX7 Utopia redefines endodontic file design with its minimally invasive approach and remarkable cutting efficiency. Featuring FireWire Blaze technology and an ultra-secure Ultra-Fit Shank, this file offers optimal resistance to torsional fatigue and precise control during procedures.

With a maximum flute design of 1mm, the X7 is minimally invasive, with a robust acrylic stopper, and enhanced calibration markings for length control. The X7 Utopia also has a Tip/Taper ID System for easy identification even when fixed in the handpiece.

As the strong and firm counterpart to the bestselling original X7, dentists know they can trust EdgeX7 Utopia to deliver superior performance, whether in rotary or reciprocating motion.

27-2Product highlights:

  • Available Sizes: ISO tip size 17-45
  • Available Lengths: 21mm, 25mm, 29mm
  • .04 and .06 Constant Taper until 1mm max diameter
  • Variable Pitch design for versatile application
  • Parabolic Cross Section non-cutting tip maximises file cutting efficiency.
  • FireWire Blaze technology for optimal resistance to cyclic fatigue

EdgeOne Fire

EdgeOne Fire stands as a classic in the EdgeEndo line-up, offering exceptional flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue with NiTi heat-treated FireWire. EdgeOne Fire files are capable of navigating 90o curvatures, with no bounce back – so apical anatomy is preserved.  

Designed for shaping canals in a reverse-reciprocating motion, EdgeOne Fire simplifies the shaping process while preserving canal anatomy and reducing ledging.

EdgeOne Fire also simplifies the shaping process, by streamlining the number of instruments needed. Every feature of the EdgeOne Fire is designed so you can ensure consistent and reliable results in root canal preparation.

28-2Product highlights:

  • Available Sizes: Small (20), Primary (25), Medium (35), Large (45)
  • Available Lengths: 21mm, 25mm, 31mm
  • 2x the cyclic fatigue resistance compared to Gold Wire
  • Parallelogram cross-section with variable conicity for efficient canal shaping
  • Each pack contains three files, with assortment packs and single-size packs available

CBCT in endodontics

CBCT technology has transformed endodontic practice by offering precise three-dimensional imaging, enabling endodontists to visualise complex root canal anatomy and periapical pathology with unparalleled clarity. This advanced diagnostic tool enhances treatment planning accuracy, facilitating more effective cleaning, shaping, and obturation of root canal systems.

29-1If you haven’t already, endodontists should consider integrating CBCT into their practice to gain comprehensive insights into root canal morphology, identify treatment challenges, give insights into the ideal files to use, and tailor treatment plans for optimal results. With CBCT, endodontists can diagnose complex cases more effectively, guiding surgical interventions and procedures with confidence.

By harnessing the diagnostic power of CBCT, endodontists can deliver superior patient care, ensuring precise diagnoses, personalised treatment approaches, and ultimately, better long-term outcomes.

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