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Efficiency meets comfort with the Ulticlean 500L air polisher

In the ever-evolving landscape of dental practices, staying ahead is not just a choice; it's a commitment to your patients' well-being. The new Ulticlean 500L from BA International offers a modern approach to prevention, cleaning, and minimally invasive prophylaxis treatments.

The Ulticlean 500L cleans with precision, polishes to exceptional smoothness, and reduces plaque and stain adhesion, ensuring your patients' smiles remain vibrant and their oral health pristine.

But what makes the Ulticlean 500L so special, and will it actually help you in your practice? Yes. Keep reading to find out how.

Understanding air polishing

Air polishing is an established technique in dentistry, and may well already be part of your dental practice. Whether you’re already using other air polishing solutions, or using more traditional polishing and scaling methods, the Ulticlean 500L can benefit your practice.

The Ulticlean advantage

  • UC500L2Efficiency meets comfort: Traditional scaling and polishing methods are effective, no doubt. However, the Ulticlean 500L offers increased efficiency while ensuring that the patient experience remains paramount. It's a modern approach to prevention, cleaning, and minimally invasive prophylaxis treatments, making every visit to your clinic a pleasant experience.
  • Gentle yet powerful: While conventional scaling and polishing can sometimes be abrasive, air polishing with Ulticlean is a breath of fresh air, quite literally. By utilising compressed air to deliver a precise mix of powder and water, it gently removes tooth surface adhesive substances, such as plaque, staining, and biofilm, leaving the enamel intact. Say goodbye to rough and uneven tooth surfaces – Ulticlean leaves them smooth and ready to repel plaque and stains.
  • Precision cleaning: Air polishing is your new secret weapon for tackling challenging areas like the occlusal surface, adjacent spaces, and orthodontic brackets. It's here that the Ulticlean 500L shines, offering great precision in plaque removal.

Polishing and scaling are vital parts of dentistry, and the BA Ulticlean 500L can turn this process into a fast, precise, thorough, and comfortable experience – great for patients and practitioners.

What do professionals think?

"After trying different air polishers and scalers from different providers, I have to say I am very impressed with BA international Ulticlean 500L. With the modern design and easy way to use, both for scaling and air polishing, to remove even hard calculus. With heated water air polishing, this makes a big difference for patients too. It’s safe to use with implants, ortho and any other dental work. I highly recommend it. As a hygienist, it makes my day at work much easier." - Dental hygienist at Rodericks DP, Winterbourne, Bristol.

The benefits of Ulticlean 500L

Air polishing, as you know, is a foundational part of dentistry. It's the distinctive features of the BA Ulticlean 500L that take it to the next level – but how does it make a difference to you, the clinician?UC500L5

  • Thorough plaque removal: It's not just about removing plaque; it's about doing it comprehensively. The small-calibre nozzle ensures precise and concentrated air polishing, leading to more efficient plaque removal.
  • Work cleanly and efficiently: The Ulticlean’s highly focused water and air path enables you to achieve a good powder coating and reducing unnecessary powder spray, making your workspace cleaner and the polishing technique efficient.
  • Reducing plaque and stain adhesion: With the Ulticlean it’s all about polish. Ulticlean leaves teeth smooth and clean, which makes it a challenge for plaque and pigments to stick to.
  • Subgingival air-polishing: With the Ulticlean 500L, it's not just about cleaning; it's about controlling inflammation and reducing probing depth effectively. Traditional scaling can only do so much, but Ulticlean takes it a step further, making your life as a clinician easier, and your patients healthier, by facilitating both supra and subgingival biofilm disruption.

Design and ergonomics

Clutter can be the enemy of efficiency. The Ulticlean 500L addresses this issue with a cable management system, ensuring that wires don't tangle and everything remains in its place. This means you have an ultra-hygienic and functional workspace at your disposal.UC500L3

The Ulticlean cart's high-quality wheel system is optimised for manoeuvrability as you navigate your workspace. Whether you need to reach for an instrument, attend to your patient's needs, or simply change your position, the cart provides excellent easy movement.

An effective workspace is all about accessibility. The cart's frontal storage slots are thoughtfully designed, offering easy access to your Ulticlean powders and dispenser.

Time is precious in a dental clinic, so the Ulticlean 500L comes with automatic identification of procedure mode. The Ulticlean knows which procedure you intend to use by detecting which handpiece has been picked up, streamlining your workflow!

Advanced dental technologies

Beyond its elegant design and ergonomic features, the BA Ulticlean 500L packs a powerful punch when it comes to advanced dental technologies.

UC500L4Elliptical vibration: The Ulticlean uses elliptical vibration to achieve a 0° angle of operation between the tip and the tooth surface. This results in a polishing effect that disperses the impact force between the tip and teeth, ensuring a more comfortable scaling experience.

Ultrasonic periodontal treatment: The Ulticlean's ultrasonic periodontal treatment offers supragingival and subgingival scaling treatment with an elliptical vibration track. It's not just about effective cleaning; it's about doing it without damaging the teeth. The hardness of the titanium alloy tip is lower than that of cementum and enamel, ensuring that your patients leave with healthy teeth.

Dual water supply: The Ulticlean comes with two water supply bottles, one 600ml and 1400ml. Made with anti-corrosive materials, they can contain special chemicals like chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hypochlorite. External water supply is also available for your convenience.

In the world of dentistry, innovation is the heartbeat of progress. The BA Ulticlean 500L is not just a dental device; it's the embodiment of your commitment to excellence.

Your practice deserves the best, your patients deserve the best, and you, as a clinician, deserve the best tools available.

Don't wait for the future; bring it to your practice today. If the Ulticlean 500L has piqued your interest, if the thought of revolutionizing your dentistry excites you, it's time to take action.

Enquire now, get in touch with us, and explore how the Ulticlean 500L can enhance your practice.

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